Thursday, March 10, 2011

3/10/11 Big North-Patriot Division results

The old Northern Bergen Interscholastic League was one of The Messenger's favorite leagues to recap back in the day, in part because the final statistics packet put together by league commish/Bergenfield head coach Howie Conklin was a veritable statman's paradise.

Well, the good news is, Coach Conklin is still the commish of the new Big North-Patriot Divison, so the stat pack lives on... even if the new league is a random amalgamation of old NBIL-1, NBIL-2 and BCSL-American teams.

The Ramsey boys claimed their second consecutive outright league title (third in a row overall), holding off Pascack Valley in a fierce race that came down to a scant few points. This may have been the strongest division in North Jersey, given that both squads won their respective Group championships at the Bergen County tournament, both advanced to the State team finals, and both fielded the two top shooters in Bergen, seniors Kyle Landau (Rams) and Brian O'Flaherty (PV).

Meanwhile, the Bergenfield girls did as TM quasi-predicted in this very corner of the blogosphere last season — the Bears won their seventh straight league championship, with the last three all coming in different conferences (NBIL-2, NBIL-1, Big North-Patriot). Again, Pascack Valley played a pretty mean second fiddle... in fact the Indian girls finished with the exact same divisional record as the boys, which is a slightly eerie coincidence.

And now, for the tasty tidbits from the "Odds & Ends" page of the stat pack: River Dell junior Max Barnett finished the season with 9 straight 200-plus games... In 16 matches, Kyle Landau opened up with a 200 game on 13 occasions... the list of most 200 games on the season — (boys) Bergenfield junior Brian DiMarco 26, O'Flaherty 24, Landau 23; (girls) Bergenfield juniors Sarah Esmenda (7) and Cassidy Fiore (4) and Indian Hills junior Emily Ostapczuk with 4... and, always a fan favorite, the highest "low games" of the year belonged to Landau and O'Flaherty (tie, 160) and Esmenda (133).

Final random nuggets: Pascack Valley junior Tim Frantin rolled a 300 against Tenafly on Jan. 11, becoming the first Big North-Patriot bowler to do so (although DiMarco bowled a perfecto in this leagues quote-unquote "predecessor", the NBIL-2, last season)... although Mahwah struggled this season, junior Kevin Knapp had the team's high average (155) and their lone 200-plus game, a 214. Senior Esther Kim and freshman Allison Homler tied for the Lady T-Birds' high game (184)... nickname of the year may have to be Ramsey freshman Tyler Suser, who goes by "Doc" on the overhead screen (a play on the pronunciation of his last name — think Dr. Seuss). The Landau twins' handles of "R-Lanny" and "K-Lanny" seemed to be fan favorites as well, so much so that Indian Hills dubbed junior anchor Bridget Pyryt "B-Lanny". Go figure...

At any rate, congrats to coach Bill Chesney and the Rams, and to coach Conklin and the Bears, for claiming the inaugural Big North-Patriot titles. The stats:

FINAL STANDINGS (Points Won-Points Lost-Team Average)
Patriot Div. - Boys W L Avg.
Ramsey 55 5 957
Pascack Valley 52 8 952
Indian Hills 40 20 881
Tenafly 28 32 861
Bergenfield 20 40 836
River Dell 13 47 774
Mahwah 2 58 714

Boys high game: Tim Frantin (PV), 300
Boys high series: Brian DiMarco (B'field), 566 (2 games)
Boys All-League 1st Team w/averages: Brian O'Flaherty (PV), 225.93; Kyle Landau (Rams), 225.81; Brian DiMarco (B'field), 220; Max Barnett (RD), 211; Sam Fogelgaren (T'fly), 203; Marc Solangon (B'field), 199; Ryan Landau (Rams), 198.
Boys 2nd Team w/averages: Joe Farinelli (PV), 197; Tim Frantin (PV), 195; Jerry Azzolini (IH), 188; Andrew Wierzbicki (IH), 185; Jarrett Floyd (Rams), 184; Graham Mulligan (IH), 182;
Ethan McGowan (T'fly), 176.31; Andrew Trinidad (B'field), 176.22; Pat Mercogliano (IH), 175.54.
Boys Honorable Mention: Josh Burke (B'field); Eliot Sackler (T'fly); George Kim (RD); Perry Starr (Mah.); Mike Shine (PV); Ronny Wagner (IH); Bryan Boyd (Rams)

Patriot Div. - Girls W L Avg.
Bergenfield 56 4 742
Pascack Valley 52 8 686
Indian Hills 38 22 643
Tenafly 25 35 610
Ramsey 15 45 585
Mahwah 14 46 570
River Dell 10 50 538

Girls high game: Emily Ostapczuk (IH), 268
high series: Emily Ostapczuk (IH), 447 (2 games)
Girls All-League 1st Team w/averages: Sarah Esmenda (B'field), 176; Emily Ostapczuk (IH), 173; Cassidy Fiore (B'field), 168; Bridget Pyryt (IH), 159; Claire Reiser (PV), 154; Emma Taylor (T'fly), 146; Samantha Griffenkranz (B'field), 144.
Girls 2nd Team w/averages: Danielle Volpe (PV), 139.93; Danielle Hayes (B'field), 139.56; Sky Davenport (PV), 139.18; Ashley Delaney (PV), 132; Jodi Iannantuano (RD), 131.93; Nicole Schielzo (B'field), 131.00; Carolyn Donnelly (Rams), 129.
Girls Honorable Mention: Melissa Schielzo (B'field); Melissa Ehrlich (T'fly); Sarah Lee (RD); Alise Strauch (Mah.); Maggie Campbell (PV); Harveen Kaur (IH); Laura Dosch (Rams).

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3/10/11 Big North-American Division results

Finally, a league where The Messenger doesn't have to get used to some drastic name change. What remains of the old BCSL-American Division has become the Big North-American, which this winter bowled at various houses and typically had crossover matches with the Big North-Patriot.

In the boys division, Dumont emerged as champ behind seniors Austin Bonacum and Marc Reimann — both left-handers, and therefore both sure-fire Parker Bohn III All-Stars. Although give credit to Ridgefield Park... the Scarlets not only made the league a close race, they also finished higher at sectionals and had senior Sean Carmody place 12th in the State individually. Come to think of it, third-place Westwood finished higher than both its chief rivals at Counties, so basically all three of them can claim some sort of bragging rights.

For the girls, Westwood brought home the title in a division that was rife with Q-power... the Cardinals had junior Chelsea Qualliu in their rotation, and runner-up Dumont featured senior Qynn Pascual. (See? This is what happens when TM can't get to any league matches and all he can comment on are his favorite letters). And hey, Cliffside Park hung in there too, thanks to league average leader Nicolette Brenner — who, incidentally, placed 6th at Counties for the second straight year. *Those* are the types of random factoids you'll find only on the NJBB!

Anyhow, congrats to coach Mark Ferrara and the Huskies, and to coach Dan Rattacasa and the Cardinals, for claiming the inaugural Big North-American crowns. The stats:

FINAL STANDINGS (Points Won-Points Lost-Team Average)
American Div. - Boys W L Avg.
Dumont 30 10 875
Ridgefield Park 28 12 888
Westwood 25 15 856
Fort Lee 15 25 735
Cliffside Park 2 38 598

Boys high game: (TIE) Sean Carmody (RP) & David Daniels (FL), 278
Boys high series: Carmody, 492 (2 games)
Boys All-League 1st Team w/averages: Sean Carmody (RP), 216; Austin Bonacum (Dum.), 203; Christian Sontag (WW), 197; Nick Keim (RP), 193; Marc Reimann (Dum.), 191; Andrew Cirillo (WW), 181; Ryan Perez (Dum.), 178.
Boys 2nd Team w/averages: Nick Cytowicz (Dum.), 177; David Daniels (FL), 175; Kei Kase (FL), 174; Mike Benaquista (WW), 171; Dakota Krokus (WW), 170; Dan Buttacavole (RP), 165; Kerlyn Cortinas (RP), 164.
Boys Honorable Mention: Eric Blakeman (Dum.); Ammad Quirashi (FL); Vinnie Bucceri (CP); Ian Woods (RP); Bobby Grimaldi (WW)

American Div. - Girls W L Avg.
Westwood 37 3 690
Dumont 26 14 667
Cliffside Park 25 15 651
Fort Lee 10 30 586
Ridgefield Park 2 38 529

Girls high game: Mary Schneider (WW), 254
high series: Nicolette Brenner (CP), 490 (2 games)
Girls All-League 1st Team w/averages: Nicolette Brenner (CP), 177; Mary Schneider (WW), 166; Yeliz Inalman (FL), 154; Kirsty Flores (Dum.), 142; Kristen Bonacum (Dum.), 140.18; Kelsey Nobile (WW), 140.14; Chelsea Qualliu (WW), 137.
Girls 2nd Team w/averages: Kristen Connolly (WW), 134; Melissa Reimann (Dum.), 133; Kamber Chaiken (Dum.), 131; Kristen Fernandez (Dum.), 128; Qynn Pascual (Dum.), 124.92; Tiffany Ebanks (WW), 124.88; Sarah Ann Martello (CP), 121.
Girls Honorable Mention: Justine Valdez (FL); Sabrina Johannemann (CP); Chin-Kyong Kim (RP).

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Monday, March 7, 2011

3/7/11 Big North-National Division results

In Peanuts-speak, The Messenger would use the rubric: "It's an NBIL reunion, Charlie Brown!" For all intents and purposes, the old NBIL Division 1 reformed as the Big North-National, minus Bergenfield and Wayne Hills.

Fair Lawn rejoined the others after a one-year "exile" to the stopgap NJTCC and came back with a flourish, winning the girls division title. For the boys, Northern Highlands added to its banner year, bringing home a league title for the first time since– we're not really sure. The Highlanders had a bowling team back in the 1970s, dropped it somewhere along the line in the early '80s, then resurrected the program about eight years ago. So, to borrow a page from TMQ's book of nomenclature, we can say it's the first league championship for Northern Highlands Release 2.0.

Congrats to coach Matt Markman and the Cutters, and to coach Rich Smith and the Highlanders, for claiming the inaugural Big North-National crowns. The stats:

FINAL STANDINGS (Points Won-Points Lost-Team Average)
National Div. - Boys W L
No. Highlands 36 4
Ramapo 32 8
Fair Lawn 21 19
Old Tappan 10 30
Demarest 0 40

Boys All-League 1st Team w/averages: Mike Carr (R'po), 221.5; Billy Olszewski (NH), 211.1; Kevin Macchia (R'po), 203.8; Ben Schuckman (FL) 195.2; Eric Sibbald (NH), 195.1; Josh Taylor (NH), 187.8; Nick Rossi (NH), 187.7.
Boys 2nd Team w/averages: Matt Brown (FL), 182; Victor Stickna (R'po), 174.7; Ray Geller (OT), 172.7; Tyler Kammen (R'po), 171.8; Nick Fasolo (R'po), 170.9; Scott Royse (OT), 169.6; Brendan LoDolce (FL), 168.1.
Boys Honorable Mention w/averages:
Chris Keane (NH), 166.5; Joe Haverilla (OT), 155.6; Ian Wiese (Dem), 143.3; Shawn Kerestes (FL), 142.3.

National Div. - Girls W L
Fair Lawn 38 2
No. Highlands 20 20
Demarest 17 23
Ramapo 15 25
Old Tappan 10 30

Girls All-League 1st Team w/averages: Denise Marain (FL), 157.84; Nicole Munczinski (FL), 153; Ellie Schuckman (FL), 144.87; Tiffany Lee (Dem), 142.38; Shannon Rossi (NH), 140.58; Chelsea Lawlor (FL), 131.50; Carly Bonsignore (R'po), 129.03.
Girls 2nd Team w/averages: Jen Do (R'po), 128.91; Cassandra Weisman (NH), 127.04; Yoojung Kim (Dem), 119.63; Kristina Barila (OT), 115.93; Emily Sposa (OT), 115.83; Cari Gaynes (Dem), 114; Trisha Gregory (NH), 114.
Girls Honorable Mention: Jessica Oviedo (FL); Lauren Scheck (R'po); Amanda Mamunes (NH); Shannon McBride (OT); Mina Choi (Dem).

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3/7/11 Big North-Freedom Division results

Made up primarily of former NNJIL/NJTCC-Bergen denizens, the Big North-Freedom featured a good, close race on the girls side and a not-so-close one on the boys side. Most everyone in this division called Bowler City home, but again, with the amorphous mass that is the new Big North Conference, almost everybody bowled in at least two or three different houses this year.

Anyway, The Messenger was a bit surprised to see Hackensack mixing it up with the big boys at tournaments this year since, well, he was under the impression that the Comets had lost a few key components to graduation. Having observed facts to the contrary, he is not surprised that they are the inaugural boys champs of the Freedom Division.

The girls league chase featured a great battle between Bergen Tech and Ridgewood. The latter got the best of the former at Counties and State sectionals, but the Knights eked out the division title in perhaps the most literal sense — they won both meetings, 3-2, and according to the Maroon folks, the first match-up between the two was decided by something like 8 pins.

Again, with the Big North's decentralized bookkeeping this year, the NJBB was unable to accrue quite the depth and breadth of stats it so ardently pursues. Also, please note that all BN standings we have will include ONLY intra-division matches and *not* crossovers. Nonetheless, TM is happy to be able to present the All-League selections along with the standings:

FINAL STANDINGS (Points Won-Points Lost-Team Average)
Freedom Div. - Boys W L
Hackensack 34 6
Ridgewood 20 20
Teaneck 20 20
Paramus 14 26
Bergen Tech 12 28

Boys All-League 1st Team w/averages: Rob Gilbert (H'sack), 205.91; Dean Edwards (BT), 193.07; Dylan Laloo (Tea), 190; Dalton Dupree (Tea), 190; John Draney (H'sack), 189.94; Justin Stumpf (Tea), 188.3; Kevin Skettini (R'wood), 185.25.
Boys 2nd Team w/averages: Gordon Chen (Par), 185.1; George Steffani (BT), 184.3; Shane Sassone (Par), 183.5; Kevin Muldoon (R'wood), 180.5; Justin Morin (Tea), 180; Kevin Hamza (H'sack), 177.78; Takuya Tokunago (Par), 176.6.
Boys Honorable Mention: Christopher Cannon (H'sack); Jordon Kotellos (R'wood); Michael Vacarro (Tea); Yuki Ito (Par); Kevin Toledo (BT).

Boys Coach of the Year: Bob Lotz (Hackensack)

Freedom Div. - Girls W L
Bergen Tech 36 4
Ridgewood 34 6
Hackensack 20 20
Teaneck 5 35
Paramus 5 35

Girls All-League 1st Team w/averages: Belle Estee Dante (BT), 184.3; Nyasia Williams (BT), 181; Shelby Taylor (R'wood), 179.83; Nicolette Maggiolo (R'wood), 171.19; Jesmarie Reyes (BT), 163.2; Kelly Skettini (R'wood), 162.83; Kendall Tinston (R'wood), 160.67.
Girls 2nd Team w/averages: Rachel Healy (H'sack), 158; Sarah Chirichella (BT), 153.4; Brittany Hovan (Par), 153; Kim Ercolino (BT), 152.43; Brenda Griepenberg (Tea), 150; Stacie Harewood (H'sack), 149; Kelsey Sarro (H'sack), 142.
Girls Honorable Mention: Alex Ptak (BT); Gwen Widicus (R'wood); Cindy Navaro (H'sack); Marissa Guilianti (Par); Billie Jean Kureck (Tea).
Coach of the Year: Joe Prenenski (Bergen Tech)

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

3/3/11 NJIC-Patriot Division results

As promised, both NJIC divisions that call Wallington Lanes home have been given their own unique season-recapping entries. Rest assured, The Messenger is and always has been a team player... but, as anyone who's ever grown up in a house with multiple siblings knows, it's nice to get some individual attention every once in a while.

Again, quick overview the current Patriot Division residents and where they finished in their 2010 leagues: Bogota (5th in BCSL-Olympic), Hasbrouck Heights (6th, Olympic), Hawthorne Christian (8th, Olympic), North Arlington (3rd in BCSL-National), Palisades Park (9th, Olympic), Park Ridge (3rd, Olympic), St. Mary of Rutherford (2nd, National), Wallington (4th, National) and Wood-Ridge (1st, Olympic). Sadly, Ridgefield dropped its program this season, and just after TM moved into the borough... to avert future occurrences of such an unfortunate circumstance, he plans never to move back to his old home towns of Franklin Lakes or Midland Park for any reason — or, to any other town with a high school bowling team in this state.

As with our NJIC-Colonial review, all of the NJIC-Patriot's top scorers for the season are listed below, but we will reserve this paragraph for the top shooters on their respective teams that did not make any of said lists... HASBROUCK HEIGHTS: Mark Robinson, 186. HAWTHORNE CHRISTIAN: Isaac Marcinuk, 161. NORTH ARLINGTON: Matt Glarner, 182. PALISADES PARK: Kevin Lee, 160. WOOD-RIDGE: Craig Jasionek, 179... special 180-plus mention also for St Mary's Evan Downey (180 even)... special random mentions for Hasbrouck Heights' Matt Marinelli (171), whose father just celebrated a milestone birthday (39 was it?), *and* for the almost-aptly named Giuseppe Tartaglione of Wood-Ridge — yes, he only bowled one game in the league (142) and two in the North 1A sectional tournament (167, 165), but c'mon, how often do reporters get to cover athletes that have (almost) the exact same name as we? Or, at least a similar name to TM's alter ego.

Anyway, congrats to head coach Blair Boscarino and the Park Ridge Owls for swooping up the inaugural NJIC-Patriot championship. The stats:

FINAL STANDINGS (Points Won-Points Lost-Team Average)
NJIC - Patriot W L Avg.
Park Ridge 78 2 754.7
St. Mary (Ruth.) 67 13 772.3
Wallington 52 28 703.9
Wood-Ridge 51 29 682.6
North Arlington 32 48 612.4
Hasbrouck Hts. 31 49 622.4
Hawth. Christian 22 58 595.7
Palisades Park 14 66 584.2
Bogota 13 67 544.7

High game: Dan Wuhrman (Park Ridge), 290
High series: Dan Wuhrman (Park Ridge), 510 (2 games)
Boys high average:
1. Dan Wuhrman (PR), 212.68; 2. Mike Wuhrman (PR), 205.33; 3. Stephen Marciniak (SMR), 202.34; 4. Nikko Deliantis (SMR), 195.68; 5. Chris Ferrara (Wall.), 195.56; 6. Rey DeJesus (SMR), 193.34.
Girls high average: 1. Jaclyn Yurus (HC), 148.65; 2. Leeann Butterfield (HC), 128.29.
Joe Fiegel Sportsmanship Award: Chris Ferrara (Wallington)

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3/2/11 NJIC-Meadowlands Division results

Wallington Lanes was home to this reincarnation of the old Bergen County Scholastic League — in fact, the erstwhile BCSL National and Olympic divisions essentially became the NJIC Meadowlands and Patriot divisions, with only slight modifications.

Granted, both new leagues still bowl together and have their stats kept by the same folks, but The Messenger decided to shake things up a bit and give each one their own recap.

Before we get into this year's final numbers, a quick review the current Meadowlands Division residents and where they finished in their 2010 leagues: Becton (6th in BCSL-National), Harrison (7th, National), Leonia (4th in BCSL-Olympic), Lyndhurst (5th, National), New Milford (2nd, Olympic), Queen of Peace (whoops, they came over from the BCSL-American, couldn't find the standings), Rutherford (also BCSL-American) and Secaucus (1st, National).

As with our NJIC-Colonial review, all of the Meadowlands' top scorers for the season are listed below, but we will reserve this paragraph for the top shooters on their respective teams that did not make any of said lists... LEONIA: Robert Zimbaldi and June Park, 180. NEW MILFORD: Matt Trento, 168. HARRISON: Robert Archibald, 160 (boys) and Adrienne Middleton, 142 (girls)... special mention also for Becton's Seif Fahmy (191) and Paul Kuprat (188), Lyndhurst's Paul Ulrich (184), Rutherford's Brandon Moore (190) and Secaucus lefty Austin Masser (196 and automatic induction into the Parker Bohn III All-Stars) for averaging over 180.

Congrats to head coach Marc Caprio and the Becton Wildcats for claiming the inaugural NJIC-Meadowlands championship. The stats:

FINAL STANDINGS (Points Won-Points Lost-Team Average)
NJIC - Meadowlands W L Avg.
Becton 63 7 778.9
Lyndhurst 53 17 759.4
Rutherford 47 23 726.6
Leonia 39 31 690.2
Secaucus 38 32 689.2
Queen of Peace
30 40 693.3
New Milford 7 63 587.8
Harrison 3 67 527.1

Boys high game: Austin Masser (Secaucus), 279
Boys high series: Dean Hansen (Becton), 502 (2 games)
Boys high average:
1. Hansen, 208.53; 2. Max Gruttaduria (Ruth.), 204.41; 3. Dante Iyer (Sec.), 199.86; 4. Joe Bocage (Bec.), 199.48; 5. Kyle Bonser (Lynd.), 198.57; 6. Bryan Valentin (QP), 198.25.

Girls high game: Lexus Lopez (Lyndhurst), 278
high series: Nikki Villani (Lyndhurst), 463 (2 games)
Girls high average: 1. Lopez, 196.53; 2. Villani, 179.94; 3. Taylor Maurer (QP), 171.13; 4. Katherine Lee (Leo.), 161.42; 5. Krystal Toledo (NM), 147.21; 6. Sarah Schrenzel (NM), 146.42.

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3/2/11 NJIC-Colonial Division results

The NJIC-Colonial brought varsity bowling back to Parkway Lanes in Elmwood Park this winter. Once upon a time, an Official Brother of The Messenger bowled for Indian Hills (circa 2000-03) when the old NBIL was stationed at Parkway and lane conditions were often, um, subpar.

In recent years, the lanes at Parkway have been redone, and it sure looks like the scoring has gotten a boost, at least for some. *And*, point of order, an Official Cousin of TM bowled for the Midland Park JV there this season — although the general NJBB rule of thumb is that if you carry an average lower than The Messenger (127... ish), we'll "spare" you (ahem) the indignity of being so noted. Sorry, Joe — if you really want a name drop, try starting your own blog and challenging TM to some kind of showdown, a la his pal Hanna Jane.

Anyway, this division is basically the former Bergen-Passaic Scholastic League, plus the addition of a first-year program at former B-PSL member Glen Rock, plus NBIL expatriate Pascack Hills. And wouldn't you know it? Head coach Glenn Priddy's Cowboys ran away with the first-ever NJIC-Colonial championship, winning every match and dropping just one game all year to runner-up Pompton Lakes, which had its streak of four consecutive league titles come to an end.

All the season's top scorers are listed below, but for the benefit of those teams whose top bowlers did not make any of said lists, here are the top shooters from said squads... POMPTON LAKES
: Nick Oddo, 179. MANCHESTER: Justin Floyd, 171. ELMWOOD PARK: Chris Meyerhoffer, 157. MIDLAND PARK: Kyle Cairns, 139.

FINAL STANDINGS (Points Won-Points Lost-Team Average)
NJIC - Colonial W L Avg.
Pascack Hills 88 2 912.2
Pompton Lakes 70 20 847.2
Glen Rock 67 23 811.3
Garfield 60 30 792.4
Hawthorne 49 41 738.1
Manchester 48 42 724.9
Eastern Christian 27 63 614.8
Elmwood Park 24 66 644.0
Midland Park 12 78 588.4
Mary Help 5 85 566.3

Boys high game: Jason Prezant (Pascack Hills), 300
Boys high series: Bryan Kist (Pascack Hills), 556 (2 games)
Boys high average:
1. Kist (PH), 228.06; 2. Tyler Blind (Glen Rock), 215.19; 3. Jake Rollins (Glen Rock), 204.87; 4. Prezant (PH), 204.44; 5. Peter Bruinooge (Hawthorne), 182.83; 6. Shaun Dunning (Garfield), 181.46.

Girls high game: Elizabeth Mulcock (Eastern Christian), 246
high series: Elizabeth Mulcock (Eastern Christian), 391 (2 games)
Girls high average: 1. Mulcock (EC), 144.70; 2. Natasha Edwards (Garfield), 142.90; 3. Marla Auslander (Glen Rock), 135.46; 4. Sarah Butera (Manchester), 128.84; 5. Paula Redmon (Mary Help), 128.31; 6. Tiffany Badawy (Glen Rock), 128.22.

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